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Opening our First Live-in Discipleship Home


  • In the five years we have been ministering to men inside the jail we have reached about 600 men.

  • We have seen over 250 of those men commit their lives to Jesus Christ.

  • Last year we introduced Water Baptism and saw 6 men Water Baptized inside the jail.

  • Each time we open a new unit we have the potential to reach an additional 50-100 men per year.


As great as the work is that we have been doing inside the jail, one thing has become abundantly clear, if we do not have a holistic solution which includes housing for men coming out of jail, our work inside may all be for nothing. The recidivation rate is somewhere between 70-80%, meaning that more than three-quarters of the men we reach will be re-incarcerated within 2-5 years from when they are released.


The reasons that the men relapse are many, but most frequently it is due to; no housing options, lack of employment and tremendous challenges finding employment as an ex-offender, as well as lack of healthy support system on the outside. By and large these men do want to change, but honestly, the deck is severely stacked against them. It is clear the only sustainable solution is to be fully engaged inside and upon release. We cannot just ‘pray for them’, but we must walk with them if we are going to change the pattern of incarceration in our city.

The Solution


​We are committed to closing the loop to re-incarceration for as many men as we are able. With the launch of our first Live-In Discipleship home in Boston this year, we will be providing a safe, sober, Christ-Centered home with a clear discipleship pathway. This pathway is designed to build these men in their spiritual walk with Christ, provide practical life skills, address systemic issues that perpetuate the chronic issues in their lives, and help to encourage and develop their God given leadership gifts.

The Cost


The cost to launch our first house is estimated at $100,000 for our first year. Our plan is to lease (or possibly purchase) a home in the Boston area that will house 10-12 men. We can provide a breakdown of these costs for anyone who needs them. But our main expenses are:

  • Lease or Mortgage Payment

  • Salary for Live-in House Manager

  • Operating Costs for the home, insurance, utilities, phone, transportation, food etc.

  • Furnishing the home.

How You Can Help

We have secured grant funds in the amount of $35,000 toward the opening of this first home. However this only gets us a third of the way there, we need an additional $65,000 before we can open the doors.


WOULD YOU CONSIDER GIVING A GIFT TO HELP US REACH THIS GOAL? Your partnership will make a radical difference and produce lasting change in the lives of men who are so often, overlooked and discarded.


Your gift will transform the lives of these men but also, their families and our communities.


To Give Online Click Here.


To mail a check please send to: 

Boston Dream Center | P. O. Box 51562 | Boston, Ma | 02205


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