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We understand that time given to volunteering is one of the most precious things we can give. When you give your time, you are showing your love in a tangible and lasting way. Because we

understand and value that, we have a wide variety of opportunities where you can volunteer your time and really make a difference.


Partner with a community of people that are affecting real and lasting transformation for individuals, families, and communities most impacted by incarceration. Your financial gifts make it possible for us to continue the good work we are doing and to expand our reach to serve many more. 

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In 2012, our founder Sheila Donegan moved from L.A. to Boston and launched Boston Dream Center, a ministry to those most in need in the city of Boston. For 6+ years, we served and ministered to thousands of people through ministry and outreach in Boston. In 2019, our mission became more focused and we aligned all of our ministries to serve those directly affected by incarceration. In 2020, we transitioned our Boston jail ministry to the men who had served inside the jail with us for the previous 5 years and who are leading it into the next season. Sheila Donegan relocated back to Los Angeles and launched Mercy Street to minister to L.A. County jail, the largest jail in the country. 

Mercy Street

5609 York Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA  90042


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